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River location: On the River Yare between Reedham and Brundall


Facilities:  Public moorings (24hr Free) are on the north bank upstream of the sugar beet works and next to the pub.


Cantley is the home of the British Sugar PLC sugar beet refinery. Nestling to the west of the refinery is the Reedcutter pub, looking like a matchbox compared to the large silos and metalworks of the giant plant. The station is close by. Upstream, to the west, is Langley Dyke. The dyke is narrow with private moorings but there is a pub at the end. As the Yare winds it's way from Norwich to Yarmouth the refinery forms a prominent part of the landscape and can be viewed from many miles away. Rumour has it that British Sugar are considering bringing sugar beet from abroad and ferrying it down the river in flat barges from Yarmouth. This would make the Yare a commercial waterway once more. Small boats beware...   





Reedcutter PH off Station Road,Cantley NR13 3SH

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