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 T h e  N o r f o l k  &  S u f f o l k  B r o a d s

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The Norfolk & Suffolk Broads


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W H I T L I N G H A M  &  T H O R P E  G R E E N


River location: On the River Yare, close to it's union with the River Wensum, to the East of Norwich, where the river splits into the Thorpe New Cut that bypasses the old course of the river passing Thorpe Green (Thorpe Old River).


Facilities: Visitor moorings (24hrs free) on the south bank close to Whitlingham Country Park. Cafe and public toilets in the park. There are moorings at Thorpe Green on the old river, these moorings give access to the shops and pubs. There are further public moorings at the east of the old river before the railway bridge in a short dyke.


Whitlingham Country Park is the main attraction here. The park surrounds the old quarry workings that are now Whitlingham Great Broad. There is no access to the broad by boat but the park is full of activities and there is a 3 mile walk or bike ride around the perimeter of the broad. There is a yachting centre, play areas for children, an activity trail, and other activities including climbing and archery.




Rushcutter Arms 46 Yarmouth Road, Norwich NR7 0HE

The Buck Inn 55 Yarmouth Road, Norwich NR7 0EW

The River Garden 36 Yarmouth Road, Norwich NR7 0EQ




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