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 Towns, Villages, Points of Interest on the Rivers & Broads 

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 Place name

 Location Area Map  Post code
Acle River Bure, Acle Bridge, The Bridge Inn  10 NR13 3AS
BecclesRiver Waveney, The Quay (car parking & public moorings) near the A146 10 NR34 9BH
BelaughRiver Bure, St Peter's Church near village green parking off the B1354 10 NR12 8XA
BramertonRiver Yare, The Woods End PH on the bank 7 NR14 7ED
BrundallRiver Yare, Boat hire at Riverside Estate 7 NR13 5PL
Burgh CastleRiver Waveney, Burgh Castle ruins & Church , Church Road 5 NR31 9QG
CantleyRiver Yare, Reedcutter Inn (public moorings) off Station Road, Cantley 6 NR13 3SH
ColtishallRiver Bure, public moorings near the Rising Sun PH 11 NR12 7EA
Geldeston LockRiver Waveney, head of navigation & public moorings at Locks Inn 1 NR34 0HS
HicklingRiver Thurne, Pleasure Boat Inn moorings near Hickling Heath 13 NR12 0YJ
HorningRiver Bure, car park next to the Swan Inn, Lower Street 11 NR12 8AA
Horsey MereRiver Thurne, Horsey Drainage Mill, Staithe Stores car parking 13 NR29 4EF
IrsteadRiver Ant, moorings and car park at St Michael's Church, Shoals Road 12 NR12 8XS
LoddonRiver Chet, moorings and car park near Kings Head PH, Bridge Street 6 NR14 6EZ
LowestoftOulton Broad, moorings at the Yacht Station, off Bridge Road 3 NR33 9JS
LudhamRiver Ant, public moorings and car parking at Ludham Bridge, A1062 Norwich Road 10 NR29 5NX
MarthamRiver Thurne, Martham Dyke (parking along track Ferrygate Lane) off Staithe Road  13 NR29 4RG
NeatisheadLime Kiln Dyke off Barton Broad, White Horse PH west of public moorings on Irstead Road  12 NR12 8AD
NorwichRiver Wensum, Visitor moorings at the Yacht Station, Riverside Road 8 NR1 1SQ
Oulton BroadOulton Broad, moorings at the Yacht Station, off Bridge Road 3 NR33 9JS
Potter HeighamRiver Thurne, Potter Heigham Bridge visitor moorings, Repps Riverbank, Riverside 10 NR29 5JD
RanworthMalthouse Broad, visitor moorings near Malsters Inn 10 NR13 6AB
Reedham FerryRiver Yare, Reedham Ferry Inn (south side of river at the ferry), Ferry Road 6 NR13 3HA
ReedhamRiver Yare, visitor moorings, Riverside, The Lord Nelson 6 NR13 3TE
Rockland St MaryRockland Broad, Rockland Staithe, New Inn PH opposite the visitor moorings 7 NR14 7HP
SmallburghDilham Dyke (off River Ant), Crown Inn, Smallburgh (A149) 12 NR12 9AD
SomerleytonRiver Waveney, The Dukes Head, Slugs Lane, 200yds from visitor moorings 4 NR32 5QR
SomertonRiver Thurne, Village Green and staithe, unsuitable for hire boats (off Martham Broad) 13 NR29 4DP
StalhamStalham Dyke (off River Ant), Museum of the Broads visitor moorings 12 NR12 9DA
StokesbyRiver Bure, visitor moorings at Ferry Inn, The Green, Stokesby 12 NR29 3EX
St OlavesRiver Waveney, The Bell Inn near St Olaves Bridge (A143) visitor moorings 5 NR31 9HE
SurlinghamRiver Yare, The Ferry House, Ferry Road visitor moorings 7 NR14 7AR
Thorpe GreenThorpe Old River (off River Yare), Rushcutter Arms, Yarmouth Road (A1242) 8 NR7 0HE
ThurneRiver Thurne, moorings in Thurne Dyke, The Lion Inn, The Street  10 NR39 3AP
South WalshamSouth Walsham Broad, The Ship Inn, The Street 10 NR13 6DQ
Wayford BridgeRiver Ant, moorings at Wayford Bridge Inn, Norwich Rpad (A149) 12 NR12 9LL
WhitlinghamRiver Yare (Thorpe New Cut moorings), Whitlingham Country Park (A47) 8 NR14 8TR
Wroxham River Bure, Kings Head Hotel, (off A1151 Wroxham Bridge) 11NR12 8UR
Yarmouth Rive Bure, The White Swan, North Quay (A149), close to moorings at the Yacht Station 9 NR30 1PU